Big Pond

Delwin Cheah Wien Loong

Having a Party 
For the young savant artist, Delwin Cheah thinks animals are like humans
too. Animals also love to have party, have fun and enjoy some good time
with their friends. Animals know how to work and have fun too

Different types of animals will have a different ways of having a good time.
Animals communicate to one another too. Delwin hopes all of us will
treat the animals well while not forgetting to take good care of them
becouse some animals are endangered. He really hopes that the animals
will not extinct from earth

African Safari 
This is Delwin most favourite place - the African safari. In the safari, animals
can run wild and have lots of freedom

To him, all animals should live in this free environment. This is how animals
will live happily too. No matter what, a lion will always be the king becouse
it is the strongest animal in the safari. All the animals respect the lion as a
king and are always happy becouse they are not being control. having lots
of freedom helped Delwin's imagination run wild