Big Pond

Aloysius Yapp

I am a nature lover from Borneo. I love green places such as gardens and
forests full of busher and tall trees. Therefore my painting is about the
'angels' from the kingdom of trees - a species called monkey. There are
many different types of monkeys. I love to observe their movements and
gestures. A monkey's hands look like legs and legs look like hands. That 
is the uniqueness of this species, which allows them to do stunning 
movements on a tree.

When I spend time observing the monkeys in the park, I realize the monkey
actually needs to respect its elders in orders to survive in a community.
The leader needs to perform. If not, he will be taken over by a stronger tribe. 
Bisedes the structured society way of living, I am impressed with the motherly
care towards the young, baby monkey. The way a mother takes care of a child
is just like the action of a human being

As an art person from Borneo, living away from home, feeling homesick is
the norm in my life. I am now living in a concrete forest instead of a green
forest. I miss my homeland, Borneo. I miss the animals in my longhouse's
orchard, pond and forest. I miss the touch of nature. To address my longing
for nature, I get my drawing tools to sketch and paint the monkeys in the 
Botanical Gardens of Penang Island

By sketching and painting, I feel refreshed bu the green of nature