Big Pond

Honey Khor Pei Yeou

A story of personal development shown in three oil paintings.

The artist, beset by a whirlwind of personal confusions and challenges,
imploringly reaches out to the cosmos for inspiration and guidance. Her
mind lacks calm. She finds herself in a quandary as she has to balance
her innate spirituality with the constant need to re-foster familial relationships,
loves, lovers and the nature of her soul. Amidst her confusion she quests.
She reaches out hopefully.

To find the nexus of her spirituality and peace of mind, the tender, giving
artist communes in and with nature. The calmness of the natural world
soothes and heals her soul, bringing her untold joy. She begins to find
her centre, that stillness in us all. There, with the natural world around
her, she dreams of the Bodhi tree and the comforts therein.

Upon awakening, the artist finds that she is ready to begin. She now
understands that her destiny awaits with but her first foot step on the
path, on the way. The dank confusion of her past mellows into clarity
and determination. With a pure, light heart and a clear mind, the serene
artist strides purposely into her beckoning future.
1973 born in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia
1995 graduate of Malaysian Institute of Art, fine art


2010 member of National Art Gallery member of Penang State Art Gallery
member of Penang Art Society

Solo Exhibition

june 2011 “The Colors of My Journey”
Penang Village Art Corner, Kuala Lumpur

Group Exhibitions

2013 (March) My Day - Dunia Seni Lukis Sdn Bhd
2012 Motherland - Galleri Dunia Seni Lukis, Kuala Lumpur
2010 A Journey into Joy & Peace - 2nd charity art exhibition, Penang Village
         Art Corner,
2008 A Journey into Joy & Peace - 1st charity art exhibition, desserts bar,
         solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
2008 Aidha Art Exhibition, Singapore
2007 Pameran Terbuka - Yayasan Seni Selangor Gallery Shah Alam

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