Big Pond

Adeputra Masri

Asmadi Masri, or Adeputra, as he is known in the art circles, started as a
cartoonist and illustrator in 1989.  In his early days, his works reflect his
quest for identity and self-expression. The quest for individuality in
expression is an endless journey. It is not a mission of perfection but
allowing free evolvements in it, says Adeputra.  So the artist evolves
through various stages of his life, developing, experiencing and
observing and comes to a realisation that - To me, art is my spiritual
expression within. I am not looking for point of stability in my works.
It must progress and improve with age and experience.
His informal art background allows him freedom to paint as he chooses,
not linked to any particular style or method. He’s works maintain a central
theme of urbanization. He uses bold and bright colours for imaginative
subjects and prefers arranging characters and subjects according to
their importance, thus making it easier to see the story behind the painting. 

“My opportunities for growth
were limited in comics as the
magazines were too focused on
humour, and when I created
something symbolic, it was not
well received, So I had to find a
more meaningful platform.”

You can read about Adeputra Masri from ArtMalaysia magazine
issue 21