Big Pond

Ellie Ng Yan Lih

Awards and Exhibitions
  • Sense and Style Beauty Academy Make-Up Competition 2006 – 4th Runner-Up
  • Forest Of Dreams – 9th May, 2010, Castor & Pollux Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia.
  • MASiF – 15th – 19th September, 2010 – Music, Art, Style International Festival, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15mins Live Painting on Stage.
  • Piala Sri Endon – National Competition Batik Fashion Category 5th December, 2010 – Top 8th Finalists.
  • Lions Club Charity Art Carnival – 13th March, 2011. 20 mins Live Painting on Stage.
  • MCAT(1 Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism) 14thJuly, 2011 – Art Exhibition.
  • Collision Arts Asia Festival – 21st~23rd October, 2011 – Art Exhibition
  • Textile Carnival@National Textile Museum, KL – November ~ December, 2011 – Conducting Classes & Art Exhibition.
  • ETIQA art and craft sharing and workshop, KL – Nov. 2012
  • Splashing Colors with Standard Chartered Bank – Jan. 2013 – Outdoor painting and exhibition.
  • EleFUN Holiday: A Pigmy Elephant Project with Sunway Pyramid – Mac, 2013 – Fund Raising Painting & Exhibition.

About The Artist

     I am a Diploma holder in Fashion and Textile Designing, graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art(MIA) in 1999, and a self trained artist with more than 12 years experience in various related field. Art and craft have been a huge part of my life and what I love to do since childhood. I grow up with it. I made crafts out of anything recyclable and reshapable or deformable. I paint and draw on any surface. Be it on walls, glass, wood, fabrics or even on body and face, other than paper and canvas.

     Being an observant person, and tend to put in a lot of thoughts and details in my work. I always create and practice versatility in a lot of things I do. I believe in miracles, that it can be brought to reality with creativity, enthusiasm and faith in anything I could work on.

     Life is about way of living. Achievement is about working on what you dream of having or living for and believing in. So, start dreaming and flaring your creativity, for it is where most beautiful things in life would grow to become reality. Start creating and living a life, as beautiful as you can imagine!