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Abby Zain

Arbaayah Mohamad Zain aka Abby Zain is a local visual artist
who has been in the art scene since 2003. Her debut was at
her Solo Exhibition at ‘Laman Seni’ National Art Gallery Kuala
Lumpur in 2003.
Abby learnt visual arts from three different teachers, Master Li ,
Mr Yeo Eng Peng and Raja Azhar Idris. A 1986 graduate in Diploma
in Business Studies from University Technology MARA Shah Alam
Selangor, Abby finds love and passion in educating children. After
obtaining her Diploma in Smart Readers Phonetic Reading Course
in 1994, she started her very own Sri Bistari Kindergarten in her
hometown in Batu Gajah Perak. She obtained the Persatuan Tadika
Malaysia Certificate Course in the same year.
Abby continues educating young minds at The Minda Optima
Kindergarten, The Horizon International School and The Sri Utama
International School Setapak Kuala Lumpur . Her invaluable years
of teaching art gives her the courage to manage an art gallery, Rizlan
Gallery in 2008 . Managing Rizlan Gallery gave her vast exposure and
experience in organizing exhibitions , meetings with art collectors and
promoting art works from various artists worldwide.
Abby’s path to ‘rediscover’ art , lead her to participate in several art
exhibitions, namely the Ist Biennel Prints in Petaling Jaya, Pancawarna
Seni Rupa Kasih at Pelita Hati, Pameran Terbuka Shah Alam 2008, KL
Design Week , Masif 2010 and others. She co-organized and
participated in a trio art show, The Zig Zag Zoo 1st Naïve Exhibition at
Zoo Negara in 2009.
Her latest success is the birth of Rumah Seni dan Kraf Gemilang in
November 2009. The art gallery , art learning centre, and the art house
on merchandising art products, gives her great challenges and pleasure
in achieving her lifelong dreams . She aims to educate the public in arts
and crafts, with the mission of enrolling others the importance of caring
towards children, animals and the environment through art. Rumah Seni
dan Kraf Gemilang is also known with her involvement in Charity, a
joint-venture with organizations such as Yayasan Asia Works, Society of
Prevention Of Cruelty Towards Animals (SPCA), and Rumah Titian Kasih
Titiwangsa. Year 2010 was a challenging year as Rumah Seni dan Kraf
Gemilang did several projects on the welfare of domestic animals,
the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and Malaysian Cat Care Project.
Abby’s experiences in performing arts in Pavillion Shanghai, China has
put her to a new level of confidence in her art ventures. Her latest artwork,
‘the Whale Series” has re-energised her passion towards changes, new
beginnings, future prosperity and harmony . Performing and venturing in
China has taught her the importance and the meaning of ‘persistence
Masif – Music ,Art , Style and Fashion has seen her raising the bar to a
new level in the name of art. The combination of music, fashion show
and performing life painting was seen before the audience for the first time
in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia .
Other projects such as Bank Simpanan National session , “ Recycling Art
with Abby Zain” has also broaden her horizons towards social responsibility
to the Environment. Abby is ready to be seen as an illustrator and book
writer in the near future .Her lifelong ambition is to have her own art and craft
learning series on television. Abby and Rumah Seni dan Kraf “artatabby
merchandise “ has a new ‘outlook’ in 2011. Abbys’ series of artworks
includes different themes, namely ‘The Butterfly Series in 2007’, ‘The KL
KU / Zoo Series in 2009’ , ‘The Whale Series in 2010’ and ‘The Evolution
Series in 2011’ . She will continue exploring her passion on canvas(acrylic
and mix media) and showing off her creations for as long as she lives .