Big Pond

Grace Lim Siew Sye

She was born in Pontian, Johor 1967. She grew up amidst the small
kampung village enviroment thereby giving her the experience and
impression to develop her painting in her very unique way. Garce's
main medium of painting is in oil colour which in many ways exudes
her naive art from especially in its strong and bold colour while her
fluid and curvy human figure remains the strongest character

There is often a sense of imaginary element in her work while she
would usually paint simplicity in her own unique and expressive way.
Essentially, Grace is able to potray the "fun" and "simple" kampung
lifestyle her work encirle around the concept of  simplicity in life and
the imaginary world of colour where her childhood memory of tropical
village often seen on her painting

This is the philosophy of Grace's work which express so intricately
through children's eyes where her unique integration of the subject,
matter, colour and techniques provide the viewer a vivid impression
of  the warm feeling of tropical paradise which usually encompasse
flower, birds, animals like cats and chicken as well as the tropical trees
all of  which are juxtaposed to produce a peaceful and tranquil scenario
of happiness, peace and love