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Christianne Goonting

Christianne Goonting Devaser, better known as Tianne, has
been actively involved in art since 1981. Tianne does brush
work, water colours, acrylics, oil pastels, natural fiber collages,
marbling and mixed media work. She also promotes decorative
art & craft featuring recycled materials. 
Tianne’s art pieces reflect a versatile, accomplished artist who
works in various techniques and media. Her subject matter is
unlimited. Her style ranging from realistic to abstract, from
detailed delicate work to bold spontaneous creations. 
Ever since her launch into the art scene in 1981, Tianne has held
over 90 exhibitions - solo and group shows - to date, around
Malaysia, in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Brunei, Cyprus, United Kingdom,
Australia and Japan. Her works are with private and corporate

Since 1978, Tianne has been actively ascertaining various
credentials in the arts. Post-1993, Tianne began to focus her skills
on organising exhibitions and interior designing besides branching
out into many different forms of art. 

  • Levels (Art) with Distinction. 
  • Course in Chinese Brush Painting at the
Malaysia Institute of Art under Art Master Chung Chen Sun. 
  • A Levels (Art) with Distinction. 
  • Apprenticed under Art Master Tang Tuck Kan until 1985. 
  • Certificate of Art - West Malaysian Academy of Art. 
  • Art Workshop, Aberdeen Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland UK. 
  • Outdoor Summer Course, Gray's School of Art, Scotland UK. 
  • Diploma in Home Interior Design, Regent Academy of Fine Arts,
London UK. 
  • Diploma in Decorative Paint Finishes for Interior Design, National
Design Academy, Nottingham UK