Big Pond

Zainab Ahmad

She is the "women behind the man". She is married to an artist
and plays a big role to support, to inspire and to motivate her
artist husband

Despite that she is not a well-known artist, however she is widely
known by many artists and art galleries throughtout Malaysia.
After completed her contracted job with the government 15 years ago,
she is attached to the husband's mini gallery. Since then, she began 
to learn the ropes of the trade of an artist, from fixing and priming
canvas to the stretcher and understanding colour as well as their
medium accessories

She chose subject like fruits and flowers then she began painting.
She had consistently developing her painting skill and bravely
experimenting on abstract forms, creating her very own colour and
texture. She had also participated in minor art exhibitions locally and
displayed her art pieces through outlets, exhibition booths in art event

At present, she is managing and conducting a painting class where
her husband became the tutor. She is also preparing and providing
ready canvases to students as well as to many artists