Big Pond

Fiq Adella

Women were born in the world to reproduce new
generations. Almost all women want to feel what
is it like to be a mother. Knowing that there is a
living life in her stomach makes her feel very
important and protective

The feeling of love, care, and contented for the baby 
grow so much and too fast as though in a race. 
Going through a huge wave of hormonal imbalance
and hardship of emotional tension for 9 good months
in  her womb

Being a mother is the most beautiful moments in her
life. Knowing that the new generation is in her hands
will never stop making her smile

Carring the baby in her tummy for 9 months, then
struggling during labour. Next is to raise the child up.
This is the day a woman feel that she has gotten
everything she could ask for in her life