Big Pond

Tan See Ling

See Ling is an expressionist artist, she draws things that comes to
her mind unconsciously. It may not be something that exist in reality
but can be realised in one's mind

She loves to paint young girls and tell her tales on canvas. Everyday
she lives in her surrounding become the inspiration of her whimsical
creations especially on her relationships with others whom she would
often paint them as imaginary animals

In her painting, Madu, the girl is learning something from her imaginary
friend, the Anteater. In this two paintings, she is expressing the sensitivity
of senses. The Anteater has a sensitive long nose and Madu has watchful
eyes. Both are equally sensitive in order to make use of all the senses
deeply, one has to be mindful

mindfulness helps us to see and smell without closing our eyes and noses.
"Everyday is My Day for being watchful to every little things that makes me
 who I am today