Friends of ArtMalaysia

Anahita Ghazanfari

Anahita is a painter and photographer living and working in Kuala Lumpur. Born and bred in the history rich
Iran, she grew up around a lot of creativity, greatly immersed in the magnificent culture and heritage of the
Her love for art developed from growing up with an archaeologist father with a passion for artistic artefact.
He believed that self knowledge comes from an understanding of one’s past, and encouraged his daughter
to learn and understand the country’s culture and traditions.
Her parents fostered her love for art from an early age, allowing her to express her art in paintings and
drawings in the walls of the house. They travelled around the country visiting museums, reading her a lot of
history books and poems, and listening to folklore music at home. These experiences still features greatly in
her artwork up to date
Her parents were very supportive of her choice of art as a career path, and for her 18 th birthday, her father
got her an analogue camera. This was the beginning of the most exciting and fulfilling journey of her life.
Through her camera lens, she learnt to search, study, and see beyond the obvious. Photography became
her means of artistic expression.
Her photography is heartfelt and communicative; freezing precious moments in time, telling poetic stories of
the people in front of her lens. Her favourite photography subject is people and nature, and she always tries
to bring them together in perfect sync to create a long gone ethereal harmony that nowadays has to be
staged in order to capture it in camera.
She remains authentic to painting, bringing to life a fresh perspective of modern living with each
brushstroke, also focusing on people and nature. Her brilliant artwork brings about a nostalgic sense of
serenity that makes one long to spend eternity there. Her canvas becomes a door to thousands of possible
worlds only the mind of a true artist can conceive.
To her, artwork is beyond medium; sometimes camera and brush coming together in magnificent
synchronisation to create a breathtaking masterpiece that tells a wonderfully poetic story. She finds both
photography and painting powerful each in its own unique ways, and she always aims at making the best of
both crafts.
She studied a Bachelor of Arts in Painting, and then pursued a Master of Illustration at one of the best art
universities in Iran. While studying her Masters, she taught art part time, imparting the skills and knowledge
she gained from her experienced professors to her young students.
She eventually moved to Malaysia to expand her horizon and see art from a perspective beyond her
country. Living in the melting pot of culture and diversity, she met a lot of people from all walks of life,
which taught her a lot more about art and inspired her in exciting ways. She joined international group
exhibitions where she met artists from around the world and shared in on their experiences. She also
worked with an international University which focuses on art and creativity, and got to meet some of the
most innovative and artistic young minds from around the globe.
Her love for art grows every day; one brushstroke at a time, a click at every moment. She has learnt to see
the world with a curious eye, where everything can be a still caught in camera, or a scene recreated with
the talented hand of a painter; a story told in a single image.