Big Pond

Emily Wong

I always beliave that everyone has the mischievous side of
their own interpretation. For me, there is this magnificent self
belief system that gives me strenght and wisdom

A boy flying kite is my inner mischievous character that desires
freedom. In this painting, every facet of the buildings, roads,
trees, mountain and people I come across shape who I am 
today. They said routines bore us, but I believe you have to
make the best out of the ordinary days. I live in Sabah, a place
that I don't feel contented but continously wishing a litle bit more

Some days, I would ask myself  "Why not?". Some days I would
doubt myself "Why me?". Then I realize life teaches you how to
accept and love youself. So, I learn three important words: Life
goes on. Every day, I pamper myself in the indulgence of the
breeze and beautiful sunlight. One of my favorite childhood
memories is flying kite. I love to see the movement of kite in sky
and imagine myself dancing with the wind. You may say kite-flying
is one of the ways of clearing my worries

My motto is to live my day being my true self.

Wherever we are, I believe that you can dance if you are happy.

No matter how things have changed around you, you still can
enjoy being different if you accept youself

No matter how people look at us, I believe that you can make a
difference if you believe so

I live my day believing I can make changes and bring good to the

I live my day with strength to hope and stories to tell

Just like the painting, my day is a blessing