Friends of ArtMalaysia

Asghar Yaghoubi

Was born in 1964.Started painting from early ages with the
curiosity of a child. Having passed professional courses
offered by the best artists/masters in Fars province, started
to have an art institute and educate fresh teachers. Experienced
in photography. Founder of Mahtaab vocational Training Art Institute
and Moka’ab Visual Art Institute. Attending more than 40 individual
and group exhibitions. Committee member of MIAS (Malaysian Iranian
Art Society).
Various art institutes Major teachers:
Mr. Khaef , Mr. Dorrisi, Mr. Kazemi ,             
Mr. Firouzmand , and Ms.Chalak.                        1991-1999
Diploma of Art Training from Technical
& Vocational Training Organization of Iran.
Diploma of Management for Technical &
Vocational Training organizations
Diploma in Experimental Studies.
Founding and directing Cube Gallery                  2008

Expe rience    
(Shiraz Mokaab) in Ampang Malaysia                                              
Teaching the first Creative Teacher Training
in Children’s Art in Fars                                      20052007                                                                                                                        
- Performing several workshops
  on Creativity in Visual Art, Hafez  Hall,
  Shiraz , Iran                                                      2007
A member of Painters Society of Shiraz.           2003
- Publishing various articles in local paper.
Creating Metal Sculptures and attending
some individual and group sculpture 
exhibition                                                            2002
Founding and directing Mokaab (Cube)
Visual Art Institute in shiraz , Iran                      2000 – 2002                   
(affiliated to Islamic Guidance and Culture
Administration of Fars)
 A member of Painting Teachers Committee
of Technical & Vocational Training
Organization of Fars Province.                          1999                                              
Founding and directing Mahtaab (Moonlight)
Vocational Training Art Institute in Shiraz ,
Iran.                                                                    1999

Certificate of Appreciation from University
Putra Malaysia          
Letter of appreciation from The First
Drawing Festival, Shiraz , Iran.
Letter of appreciation for Teacher’s Day,
Shiraz , Iran.
Letter of appreciation from The 4th Local
and 1st International Imam Reza
Visual Art Festival , Shiraz , Iran.
Letter of appreciation for Selected
Artist’s Exhibition on Sa’di day ,
 Shiraz , Iran.
Some of the         Private Exhibitions
 Solo exhibition ARTS FESTIVAL in
Artseni Gallery , Starhill Gallery , KL
Malaysia                                                              2010
Solo exhibition in Cube Gallery ,
Malaysia .                                                            2009
Sculpture exhibition in Artist House ,
Shiraz , Iran.                                                        2004
 Painting exhibition in Moka’ab Institute
Gallery , Shiraz , Iran.                                         2002
Painting exhibition in Mahtaab Institute
Gallery , Shiraz ,Iran.                                         2000
Group Exhibitions
Malaysian, Iranian &Korean Artists MIKA
2012 at MATIC gallery, KL ,Malaysia                2012
ART Expo Malaysia at MATRID, KL,
Malaysia                                                           2012
Group Exhibition MAATA Fair 2012 at
PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                       2012
Group Exhibition SUPULAH DAH Artseni
gallery, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia                       2012
 Group Exhibition MAIRA at ASWARA
gallery. KL Malaysia                                         2012
Group Exhibition RAMADAN ART
EXHIBITION at KLCC, Malaysia                         2011
Group exhibition Art Connexion at
cube gallery, Malaysia                                     2011
International students Cultural show at
the Great Hall, UPM Malaysia                           2011
A group exhibition by 20 Iranian Artists
in Cube Gallery, Malaysia                               2011
UPM ISA International Seminar, exhibition
and Cultural show, University Putra
Malaysia                                                          2010  
Group exhibition Small sculpture, Hafez
Hall , Shiraz , Iran .                                          2009
Panting exhibition in Vessal Gallery,
Shiraz, Iran.                                                   2008
Painting exhibition in Artist House,
Shiraz, Iran.                                                    2007
Painting exhibition in Artist House ,
Shiraz , Iran .                                                  2007
1st International Imam Reza Visual
Art Festival , Hafez Hall , Shiraz , Iran .          2007
1000 Hands , 1000 Sketches : The
Governmental Project , Bahman 22nd
Festival , Shiraz , Iran.                                    2006
1000 Hands , 1000 Sketches : The
Governmental Project , Bahman 22nd
Fastival , Shiraz , Iran .                                   2005
Conceptual Art for Muharram ,
Hafez Hall , Shiraz , Iran.                                2005
Imam Reza Visual Art Festival ,
Hafez Hall ,Shiraz , Iran.                                 2005
 Shiraz Art Week Festival ,Jahan
-nama Garden , Shiraz , Iran .                        2004
 Painting exhibition of Masters in Shiraz ,
Vessal Gallery , Shiraz , Iran.                         2004
Inauguration exhibition of Neshane (Sing)
Gallery , Neshane Gallery , Shiraz , Iran.        2004
Photo exhibition of Muharram.                         2003
Festival of Drawing in Shiraz , Shiraz ,
Iran .                                                                2003
Collected Visual Art of All Province in
Iran, Bahman Gallery , Tehran , Iran .             2003
Conceptual Art of Shiraz , Artist House ,
Shiraz , Iran.                                                   2003
Exhibition of Painters society of Shiraz ,
Sarv Gallery , Shiraz , Iran.                             2002
Group Exhibition of Visual Art Festival ,
Sabz Gallery , Shiraz , Iran.                            2001
Group Exhibition , Vessal Gallery , Shiraz
Iran .                                                                1998
Group Exhibition , Gallery of Foundation
for Fars Studies , Shiraz , Iran.                       1997
Group Exhibition , Vessal Gallery ,
Shiraz , Iran.                                                    1996

Drawing workshop at cube gallery
Malaysia                                                          2011
Painting Workshop (hope) between
Iranian and Malaysian Artists,                         2009
Shah Alam Gallery , Malaysia .                                                                    
Painting Workshop of Iranian Artists ,
Hafez Hall , Shiraz , Iran.                                2005
The 1st Painting Workshop in Shiraz ,
Artist House , Shiraz , Iran.                            2004
The 1st Sculpture Workshop in Shiraz ,
Artist House , Shiraz , Iran .                           2004