Big Pond

John Lee Joo For

Art Education
1960 - 1962                Camberwell College of Art
1957 - 1958                Brighton College of Art
Solo Exhiitions (Selected)
2009                           Art Salon @ SENI, Kuala Lumpur
2008                           Retrospective exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery
1996-1997                  The Art Gallery, Penang
1996                           Art Salon, Kuala Lumpur
1995                           Restrospective exhibition, The Art Gallery, Penang
1985                           Raya Art Gallery, Melbourne
1980                           East West Art Gallery, Melbourne
1972                           Mandarin Art Gallery, Singapore
1971                           Samat Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1969                           International Institute, New York
                                    Kansas University, USA
1968                           University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
1964                           Art Council of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
1960                           Commonwealth Institute, London
1957                           British Council, British Library, Penang
Group Exhibitions (Selected)
1970                            Combined graphics exhibition, Sao Paolo
                                    Combined graphics exhibition, Montreal Expo
1966                            International combined graphics exhibition, Tokyo
1964                            Selected artists exhibition, Shakespeares Festival, UK
Art Activities
1975-1989                  Lecturer in art and drama, Institute of Catholic
                                    Education, Melbourne
1973                            Lecturer in mural art and life drawing, Cauldfield
                                    Instistute of Technology, Melbourne
1965                            Art Lecturer,Specialist Teachers' Training Institute,
                                    Kuala Lumpur
1961                            Founded Malaysia Art Circle, Malaysia Hall, London
1952                            Secretary, Penang Art Teacher's Council
1948                            Art teacher, St Xavier's Institution, Penang
1946                            Art-illustrator by Monsoon magazine (the first post-war
                                    English magazine)
Oct 1999                     Sotheby's auction of S.E. Asian Pictures, Singapore
May 1998                    Sotheby's auction of S.E. Asian Pictures, Singapore
                                    Christies' auction of S.E. Asian Pictures, Singapore
Mar & Oct 1996           Christies' auction of S.E. Asian Pictures, Singapore
Mar 1995                     Christies' auction of S.E. Asian Pictures, Singapore
2007                            Featured in The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, vol 14 -
                                    Crafts and  the Visual Arts (Volume editor - Datuk Syed
                                    Ahmad Jamal)
2004                            Featured in The Enclyclopedia of Malaysia, vol 8 -
                                    Performing Arts (Volume editor - Professor
                                    Dr. Ghulam - Sarwar Yusof)
1966                            Appointed travelling representative of the Malaysian
                                    combined exhibitions in France and Italy
1964                            Featured in television representation,
                                    Merdeka Makes Art
1964                            Commisioned to paint portraits of Tun Razak, who was
                                    then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
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