Big Pond

Teoh Siew Choo

Art teacher Teoh Siew Choo, began her artistic journey in 1993 and has created quite a number of paintings since then.

As with many female artists, Teoh's watercolour and oil paintings are dominated by one of mother nature's most spectacular creations, the flower. As bees and butterflies are attracted to flowers, it is also its bright colours that inspires her penchant for putting them on canvas.

The intended message she conveys through her paintings is related to flowers symbolising unity and life itself. An admirer of one of Penang's eminent artists, Khoo Sui Hoe, whom Teoh considers as an inspiration.

Teoh's goal is to keep on improving her artistic skills and makes it a point to express herself through her paintings. She has participated in group exhibitions and also had a solo exhibition in Phuket in 2006.