Big Pond

Sylvain Yong Yu Ching

"Nowadays women are much more capable than the olden era.
Their abilities are no longer to be a housewife only

As we can see there are more and more women succeed in
their careers, they look more confident and knowledgeable.
They also commit themselves in community welfare service

But to me, a woman can balance both of their appearance and
inner beauty is the most successful women. The gentleness
and the toughness are two important elements in every women
just like Yin & Yang

As a woman, we must learn how to use gentleness to conquer
strength. We should be soft in our appearance but to be strong 
from the inside. No matter how hard the situation is, we need to
be tough in our mind, heart and soul as these could help us
overcome all the problems

Through this painting "a mother's love", caring can be easily 
seen as the softness in every woman. Love should be like
flowers blossom all over the place. Caring with love is women's

A capable women not only able in taking care of her family but 
she also knows how to love herself and dress herself up.
Jewelries, especially luxury diamonds, which means forever love,
are  mostly what women wanted. Women deserve the best treat
after putting much effort in their career and family