Big Pond

Rosli Hassan

Eight years as a full-time artist, Rosli Hassan (b. 1980) has an eye for details when in full concentration applying the final touches to his abstract and surrealism art pieces.
Eagles are his favourite subject and trademark, as the soaring bird gives him the space and freedom to let his imagination and thoughts run in wild abandonment.
Through his artistic creations, Rosli intends to showcase the rich Malay history of which he has great interest in deepening his knowledge and understanding. His eye-catching acrylic on canvas paintings have deft touches and strokes which have a certain uniqueness that will grab any viewer's attention to its historical insinuations. Rosli lists Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Annuar Rashid as icnonic art figures whom he admires.
His ambition as a Malaysian artist is to become successful in the pursuit of his career. He has participated in exhibitions on a national level.