Big Pond

Mohd Jamil Ahmad

A full-time artist since 2003, Mohd Jamil bin Ahmad (b.1974) has an intense love for his natural surroundings. His passion is mirrored in his paintings of nature which are undoubtedly the subject of all his art pieces.
Acrylic on canvas is his mainstay and his realism pictures are as captivating as the subjects he paints. Fine textures abound in his artworks, which has become his trademark and is also the uniqueness of his paintings which he stamps on his creations.
Deep inside, he has the desire to pursue his dream of strengthening and furthering the progress of art through his endeavours. As a Malaysian artist he hopes to bring awareness to the public on the importance of art which should have a place in society.
He also harbours the wish for Malaysian artists to achieve recogition and acceptance as artists of repute both locally and internationally.