Big Pond

May Leong Yoke Mee

In my work, I find my inspiration from my daily experience and my belief.
Art has taught me to appreciate beauty of creation from the Creator, the
nature and diversity of cultures. I would like to express the story and
feeling of this beauty through painting creating process

I am using the metaphor of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly for my
artwork title "Journey of life". Patience and understanding is called for
this metamorphic transition. We have to learn to trust that all things
happen in their own time when our liver are ready to receive the
miracles that are in store for us. Sometimes struggles are exactly what
we need in our life. If we go through our life without any obstacles, it
would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have
been, and we could never fly

I like nature, standing in a forest, on the seashore, or on the side of river
or waterfall gives me a chance to soak up the essence of the land and
enjoy its rhythms. My own connection to the natural world motivates me
to capture what I observe and experience. Capturing these scenes is a
time-honored vision

As civilization has violated the landscape, artists should be working hard
to preserve the memory of wild areas. The painting title "Journey" is not
merely about the adventure over the challenging part before us but having
unwavering determination to finish the course. However, when they finished
the course and looked back with gratefulness for the experiences and the
beauty captured in memory