Big Pond

Lo Min Wei

Catalyst of Miracles :
Depicts five loaves and two fishes from the Penang modern 
prespective "Rempah Fish", "Pong Peah" benana leaves,
"Batik Cloth" and the Tiffin. Rempah fish is one of the 
Malaysia well-known Nyonya dish

Another Penang famous snacks is Pong Peah. The Tiffin was
places on the left corner to signify the modern Penang culture.
The pink colour batik potrays Penang identity

A New Role :
Illustrates an artist learning to be mother of 6-month-old daughter.
Daily routines of an artist include cleaning palette and brushes,
meeting client's needs, teaching students (for art education)

A mother's daily tasks will be cleaning baby utensils (mittens & 
socks, a bowl of left over rice cereal) as well as meeting baby's
needs (feeding, educating and playing with her)