Big Pond

Adnan Othman

Calm waterscapes and colourful boats moored on the tranquil riversides of Terengganu are the essence of Adnan's childhood days. He paints that nostalgia through his landscapes, particularly enjoying painting the interplay of light and shadow of water surfaces. There is a sense of movement even in the serenity of his artworks due to his usage of brush strokes and composition.

Coming from a background of designing shoes, Adnan still maintains a business mindset. Yet he chooses to paint what he loves above what he perceives will sell, and believes that an artist should paint sincerely from the heart as that is what will convey towards the viewer.

Working primarily with oil paints, Adnan paints both plein air and in his studio. He also paints portraits and still-life but his personal preference is landscapes. One of the challenges he finds in painting is the amount of concentration needed to finish an artwork. He paints in an Impressionistic style as he feels it gives space for the artist to add his or her own interpretations.

Adnan plans to return to his roots by painting a series on shoes and figures, quite a departure from his current subject and will surely result in some interesting artworks. At the end of the day, he hopes to achieve recognition as a fine artist.