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Koay Shao Peng

  • Principal of Classical Art Centre since 1984
  • Chairman of ENHANCE-Association of Art Education Developement
  • Member of Peneng Art Society
  • Member of Penang Watercolour Society
  • Member of Balik Pulau Art Society
  • Awarded as "Excellent Organizer Prize" by Beijing Municipal Education
Commission & Beijing World Art Museum
  • Author of 'Buku Panduan Gubahan Fikiran 1-9"
  • 1989 Malaysia Young Talent Art Competition - merit award
  • 1989 Beautiful Penang Outdoor Landscape Painting Competition- 2nd
  • 1991 Natural Malaysia Watercolour Competition by Honk Kong Bank and
?Gallery Wan – special Award
  • 1991 The 6th International Watercolour Art Exhibition at Japan
  • 1991 World Watercolour Art Exhibition in Korea
  • 1992 2nd World Watercolour Art Exhibition in Taiwan Culture Centre
  • 1993 The 8th Asian International Watercolour Exhibition in Gao Xiong ,
  • 1994 10 Artists Sacrifice Group Exhibition
  • 1994 The 9th Asian International Watercolour Exhibition in Shanghai,
  • 1994 "Beautiful Malaysia" Realistic Watercolour Art Competiton by
Public Bank and National Art Galery - special Award
  • 2006 The 6th Annual Cross-Straight Art Education Symposium in Guang
Zhou, China
  • 2007/2008 2nd Putrajaya National Watercolour Competition - Merit Award
  • 2010 Duet-The 1st MWS and PWCS joint exhibition
  • 2010 Heritage of Penang And Singapore 3rd Joint Show
  • 2012 Aspirations 2012-Art Exhibition by the Singapore Teachers' art society
and Artist from      Penang,at Singapore Ngee Ann Exhibition Hall
  • 2012 The 3rd World Chinese Art Education Symposium in Hang Zhou, China
  • 2012 1st solo art exhibition at Island Gallery
  • 2013 Artist’s Favourite 2
  • 2013 Penang Water Colour Society 30th Anniversary Exhibition
  • 2013 Duet Charity Art Exhibition

“Koay’s main techniques are the variegated wash and sewing method,
and his mastery of the medium is clearly displayed in exemplary
renditions of heritage buildings,
rural sceneries, charming and historical streets,
urban moments and fishing villages.”

You can read about Koay Shaon Peng from ArtMalaysia magazine issue 22
(page 60 - 69)