Big Pond

Esther Reutens

An artist evolving

Since 2006 self-taught artist, Esther Reutens,
dived full-time into the art world of painting. This
Penang-born Eurasian lady prefers to be labelled
a rebel-of-sorts. Even after three solo exhibitions
and numerous group exhibitions she refuses to be
stereotyped into having a signature style, genre or
trade-mark subject. Being an advocate of the ‘Play
Theory’ in art; ‘I just want to create, experiment and
have fun! I yearn to achieve that intoxicating heightened
sense of consciousness when executing the art process.’

Esther’s favourite medium now is acrylic. Capturing the
human essence, whether realistically or perceived is her
main source of inspiration.
Public Collection
Khazanah Nasional Bhd
Montreal Reproductive Centre
Penang State Museum and Art Gallery
Solo Exhibitions
1st Solo Exhibition – Eclectic Mindscape
Ghara Seni Tanjung, Penang
2nd Solo Exhibition – Organic Origins
A2 Gallery, Penang
3rd Solo Exhibition – Mindscape
Island Gallery, Penang