Big Pond

Chiou Ling Chyi

Chiou’s art journey began approximately 20 years ago,
beginning with Chinese painting. Chiou is an artist who
practices the impressionism genre of art. The trademark
subject of her paintings is pottery. 
She adores the making and molding of pottery as it is a
very creative process; the best part being able to mould
the shape of pottery to one’s desire. The same goes for
her paintings where when she holds the brush, the
”molding” of the artwork is as she shapes it to be.
Her medium is usually oil painting and one of her
inspirations is olden-day Chinese paintings. Chiou
applies all the experience she gained from her
exhibitions and journeys into her art. Some of the
artists that she admires are Claude Monet and Paul
Cheah is an art lover and believes in continuous
improvement in producing her artwork. She sets a
higher target for herself each time she reaches one.