Big Pond

Anuar Ahmad

Anuar bin Ahmad’s obsession for all things concerning nature can
be explained by his childhood memories and hobbies. Born to a
fisherman’s family, the retired policeman (b. 1959) was brought up
in surroundings filled with mangrove trees and marine life.

While others view the mangrove roots as a thick tangle, Anuar
highlighted the unique system developed by its aerial roots in its
intricate mesh. He hopes his masterpieces can create an awareness
from art lovers to admire the beauty of mangrove trees, the flux and
reflux of sea water, and the fishermen’s boats; created as a tool for
them to earn a living.

Armed with a sketch book, drawing pencils and a camera, Anuar would
usually visit mangrove swamps in Kedah to sketch a particular sight
before he takes photos of the surroundings with his camera for reference
upon returning home. It is his wish for the future generation to understand
more and appreciate the nature through his work of art.