Big Pond


A painter with vast experience, Azahari Abdul Khalid Osman
(b. 1951) started painting full-time way back in 1977.
Referring to himself as an abstract expressionist, human
figures are his trademark and his creations are something
to behold in terms of colour hues and free-flowing strokes.
His oil paintings convey beauty, sleigh movements and
expressions which at one glance defines his style and the
unique method of running his brush over the canvas.
An admirer of the late artist Affandi, Azahari's wish as a
Malaysian artist is to express his views and feelings freely
through his artworks. He has participated in many exhibitions
and is the resident artist for Public Bank Sdn Bhd.
Educated at the London College of Printing and Academy of
Fine Arts Bologna in Italy, Azahari currently operates the Atma
Alam Batik Village in Langkawi.