Big Pond

Ang Kooi Yong

Born in Kedah. A Chartered Account with an Accounting degree 
from the University of Malaya. Began the study of modern art
since early 2000 and is now doing research work at Atelier
14A in modern Chinese Ink and Nanyang style painting.

Painting part time since 2004, Ang Kooi Yong likes to travel and
from her experiences and things that she observed she wants 
to share these memorable moments with others through her
paintings. A lover of nature, Ang paints in Chinese ink or mixed 
media and uses her light strokes to project the beauty of nature.
Not satisfied with what she has learnt, Ang is working on
developing a technique different from the traditional Chinese
ink painting.

Ever willing to learn from others, she admires many artists from
the past and present, some of whom have greatly influenced her
style of painting. She particularly has great respect for art legends
Vincent van Goh and Monet who have instilled in her a feeling of
love through their masterpieces.

Artist Statements :
Life is beautiful, I wish to share with all of you th beautiful things
in life I see through painting. I started painting poppies after my
second visit to Paris in 2009 summer. This little colorful flower
has drawn my attention particularly the brilliant red one though 
colorful flowers are grown everywhere in the parks and gardens.

Group Exhibition :
2012          International Women's Day Art Exhibition "FEMME FLORA"
                  @ Galeri Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia