Big Pond

Ahmad Omar

IMPRESSIONIST Ahmad bin Omar (b. 1943) definitely has his mother
to thank for his strong passion in art. His mother, who loved making
handicrafts during his school days, influenced him and hence, creating
his own distinctive style of art.

Ahmad started painting on environment in a realistic way but as time
goes by, he figured out that he should change his style of painting and
decided to go into abstract form.

It only took a while for Ahmad to fall in love with his new style of oil painting
for it gave people a sense of mystery on the artist’s taste.

He enjoys the sight where art lovers paused for a moment in front of his
masterpieces, trying to figure out the hidden message in his abstract work.

During his free time, the retired English and music teacher would go jungle
tracking and snap some beautiful scenes with his camera before he gets
down with his sketch book for a particular view he laid eyes on.