Big Pond

Wong Kean Choon

1942  Born in Ipoh, Perak. Graduated from the Nanyang
          Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1965. Lecturer
          of Perak Institute of Art

1988  Second Prize Winner of Art Competition held in 
          conjunction with celebration of Ipoh City Status

1989  One of the three Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
          Alumnus Malaysia's Exhibition, Creative Award

1993  Second Prize Winner of  "Pesta Laut Lumut" Art

President & Life member of the Perak Art Society, Life 
Member of BSLN, Committee Member of Contermporary
Malaysia Watercolour Association, Life Member of 
Nanyang academy of Fine Arts, Singpore, (M) Oid Boy

1995-2008  5 solo Art Exhibitions 

2012  2 Men water colours exhibition, Ipoh

1991-2012  Watercolour Shows in Asia Countries