Big Pond

Voon Kim Cheong

Every artist has his or her own niche when it comes to choosing subjects for their paintings. For Voon Kim Cheong (b. 1968), he seems to be able to work wonders with subjects related to Malaysian drums, drummers or anything that is related to drumming, using dynamic rudiments of the “curved line”.

As those in the fraternity put it, Voon’s oil canvases are vigorous and animated. His paintings, which are full of passion and energy, can always find a place in viewers’ hearts.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Voon Kim Cheong graduated from the Saito Academy of Graphic Design in 1992. There was no looking back, as Voon continued to seek training in order to bring his skills higher as an artist. One of his biggest breakthroughs came in 1995 when his masterpiece was among those on display at the Young Artists Exhibition held in Klang, Selangor.