Big Pond

Koh Teng Huat

Koh Teng Huat is known for his skilled application of the impasto technique . Impasto is a technique in painting ,where paint is laid on an area of the surface very thickly ,usually thick enough that the brush or painting –knife strokes are visible.

Hailing from Penang, this artist built his career creating picturesque landscape design using a palette knife as his tool. He is one of the few Malaysian artist who paints with a palette knife.

Koh finds that it highlights the beauty of a painting and it is simply style of painting.It is his passion outdoors that inspired the painting.

He is the founder of Balik Pulau art Society in Penang, Malaysia.He has participated in numerous art exhibition held both in and outside Malaysia. His artworks is widely recognized by the art galleries and art collectors in the country as well as abroad.

Artist produces series of amazing paintings after discovering ‘paradise’ in New Zealand

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