Friends of ArtMalaysia

Luo Chia Hui

Born in Taiwan and study art at National Taiwan University of Arts. I am inspired by Antoni Tàpies and Jean Dubuffe's focus on process and materials. I am fascinated by the way the plaster, cloth and all these rough and cheap materials can become art. In particular, I am a nature and animal lover; therefore, a lot of these images were created on my artwork. I have hold several solo and group exhibitions in Taiwan. 

Everybody knows that there are the various kinds of abstract art styles that have emerged. It goes without saying that people see my paintings as a kind of abstract art. Usually, I use more than one medium to create my artwork; for example, acrylic paint and collage, or watercolors and plaster. It is clear that those materials affect the reconstructed shape and result a kind of ambiguous figure with traces of coverage and stripping operations. On the other hand, many symbols and ambiguity shape has been constructed on the canvas at the same time. Therefore, the image of my painting appears out of some abstract figures that have been left on the canvas. From this point of view, my artwork could be defined as a kind of abstract art. It is a style of graphic art that has no fixed form without any particular restriction on the form. There is a certain amount of truth in this, but I still have a problem with regard to the subject in my painting. For me, the abstract is no longer something remote, but life itself. What I want to express is the fragmentary of human’s memories and the subconscious mind holds all the traumas or happiness or emotions we have felt. We know that something magical happens when suppressed feelings are truly expressed on the painting and one can free from suffering. If we think about it, all life drawing and painting is at some point being done from the artist's memory. Similarly, life become concrete through my paintings like the memory left me. This is why I feel that my painting is naturally reflected in concrete memory models. To speak frankly, my painting is an art with particular subject and object and it is not abstract painting.