Friends of ArtMalaysia

Marlene Van Jaarsveld

Worked under the tutelage of:
- Mosie Hope – Painting (all mediums), South Africa
- Jeanette Gilks – Life Drawing/Painting, South Africa
- Zhanna Nikolaeva – Matryoshka painting, Russia
- School of Icon Painting – Moscow Russia
- Roy Hill – Oil Painting, Thailand (British Artist)
- Elsie Evans – Oil and Acrylic painting, Thailand (British Artist)
- Kosol Pinkul – Acrylic painting, Thailand
- Ralph Kiggell – Japanese Woodblock Printing, Thailand (British Artist)
- Lisa Bergan – Life drawing/painting, The Attic Studio, Bangkok, Thailand (Australian Artist)
- Suthep Sungpetch – Abstract Painting, Bangkok, Thailand

General Background Art Profile:
My work as an Artist and Teacher of Art, Language Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher and Lecturer of Language teaching methodology in both my home country, South Africa and International Schools in Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, China, Thailand and running my own art school for children in Bangkok, Thailand, left me with a real “harmony in diversity” background having worked with students and student teachers from over 60 different nationalities. I also have a working history in stage design and experiment mainly with the nature of aesthetics of surroundings and visual knowledge. My Art is greatly influenced by my African background of colour and simplicity… pureness and innocence. My love of patterns and graphic design that you will find richly used in all my work, again stems from my African background with a absolute love of Ndebele pattern-making as well as my connection with Scandinavian design and pattern-making. My visits to India and involvement in fabric printing and fabric art there also plays an important part in everything I create.

October 2009 “Concrete to Canvas” – Bangkok, Thailand (Hemisphere)
November 2009 “Sitting Pretty” – Bangkok, Thailand (Hemisphere)
February 2010 Mai Fung Fah Art Gallery Chiang Rai, Thailand – 6th International Fine Arts Workshop of Thailand
November 2010 “Back to the Street – Canvas to Concrete”, The Streets of Bangkok (Read about this extraordinary exhibition on
February 2011 Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala Univeristy, Bangkok – 7th International Fine Arts Workshop of Thailand
May 2011 – “May Arts” – Jamjuree Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
September 2011 – “Friends” – Rajamangala University of Technology, Phra Nakhon, Thailand
February 2012 – Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala University Bangkok – 8th International Fine Arts Workshop of Thailand
January 2013 – Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala University Bangkok – 9th International Fine Arts Workshop of Thailand
February 2013 – Naresuan University Art Gallery, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand – 1st International Art Workshop @ Naresuan University
October 2013 – China Fine Art Workshop and Exhibition – Changzhou City