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Nicoletta Bedan

Painter GUIDE WORKSHOP FOR ARTISTS IN FRANCE and other places artistiques 2011 / 2012. To PATOU EDITION Medal OR painting category in Outremer 8th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF NANTES ATLANTIC FRONT December 2008 (GANFA)Discover the art book of the artist “WHEN IS THE JAZZ!”. Nicoletta is a B. Reunion artist whose pictorial art can not be ignored. It follows the school of fine arts Port (Reunion) in 1991 and has been painting for twenty years. His paintings of music “Black”, we reveal much of its hidden emotions. Warm colors she uses various techniques to support Unveil optimist, energetic and generous.The artist takes you to the discovery of Reunion music that results from the merger of black and white musical traditions. Maloya carries throbbing rhythm, inherited from the black slaves who sang their evening miseries. As the American Blues, Jazz American Maloya is a song of lament, sung originally by black with homesickness. Maloya-Jazz gives a mixed cocktail music very rhythmic and original melodies coming from the Indian Ocean.Blues, Jazz, Be Bop, Ragtime … like Maloya reflect a spirit of lightness and good humor, which have the same origin: that of slaves. The black line of the artist through a personal style, takes you to the Jazz-Blues flew Black Brown, Black with a melody that embraces jazz, drawing its strength from the mestizo roots, multicultural. Feel the vibrations black, joy, burlesque of this music. Sunny, full of heat, vibrant tones sip of life, painting brings: atmosphere and emotion. Prayer to life, a call to listen to this melody filled with complaints and suffering.”Close your eyes, feel the music concert begins Heritage BLACK, listen passionately feel this vibration, this tempo. Tap it and LOOK !!!!”