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Beata Tomczyk Sokolowska

Beata Tomczyk-Soko?owska studied interior design under the supervision of Prof. Micha? Gutt and painting under Prof. Rajmund Ziemski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. After graduation in 1983 she has been working for many years as a designer and architect in her own atelier. For over two decades she has focused solely on painting, taking part in a number of exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Since 2013 she is working on a PhD degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is an active member of the Warsaw’s branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. She has organized and served as a curator for a number of contemporary art exhibitions.

Selected exhibitions:
1992. Warsaw. Warsaw Art Decade
1995. Kobe, Osaka - Japan
2000. Kielce - Poland. Gallery of Contemporary Art. „Sacrum - Today”
2002. Warsaw. Sofitel - Victoria
2003. Catania - Italy. Ciminiere Gallery. „L’Arte Moderna Polacca”
2004. Bronte - Italy. Castello di Nelson. „L’Arte Moderna Polacca”
2005. ?ód? - Poland. Ist Painting Biennale „ARTEFAKT”
2005. Kielce - Poland. BWA Gallery. „Painting”
2005. Warsaw. Lycée Français René Go?cinny
2006. Warsaw. DAP Gallery OW ZPAP. Warsaw Festival of Fine Arts
2007. ?ód? - Poland. Ist International Painting Biennale „QUADRO - ART”
2007. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Between the patch and the line”
2007/2008. Warsaw. Warsaw Rising Museum. „Invisible spectre”
2008. Kraków - Poland. Palace of Art TPSP „Painting with music”
2008. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Light and Colour”
2008. Pozna? - Poland. Polish Art Salon. „Get to know the changes”
2009. Warsaw. Association of the freedom of speech. „Tapes of Freedom”
2009. Warsaw. Hoover's Square. „Painting”
2009. Warsaw. Praga-Po?udnie Cultural Centre. „Museums at Night”
2009. Warsaw. InfoQulture. „Warsaw's Ateliers”
2009/2010. Kraków - Poland. Palace of Art TPSP „Remember our Gardens”
2010. Warsaw. Association of the freedom of speech. „Deportations 1940”
2010. Warsaw. Sofitel Victoria. Charity Auction for the Sue Ryder Foundation
2010. Warsaw. van Golik Warsaw. „BTS - Painting”
2010. Berlin. „Warschauer Kunstkraftwerke”
2010. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „... Ars Longa”
2010. Brussels. Polish Cultural Centre. „L’Espace Commun”
2011. Radom - Poland. Art Faculty of the Radom Polytechnic. 42nd Winter Salon: „Continuation”
2011. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Apogee”
2011. Paris. Galerie Etienne de Causans. „Apogee”
2012. Vilnius. Polish Institution
2012. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Good evening, Warsaw!”
2013. Warsaw. van Golik Gallery. „Museums at Night”
2013. Warsaw. Saska K?pa Cultural Centre. „Synergy”
2013. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Current affairs”
2013/2014. Warsaw. Jan Nowak-Jeziora?ski Information Centre. „Limes”
2014. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Varsovia Semper Invicta”
2014. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Through Each Other’s Eyes”
2014. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Current affairs”
2014. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Abstraction”
2014. Warsaw. Praga-Po?udnie Cultural Centre. „Two in one”
2014. Warsaw. Styk Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts
2015. Chiang-Mai - Thailand. Thai-Polish Art Exchange Exhibition. Chiang-Mai University Art Centre
2015. Krabi - Thailand. Andaman Art Museum
2015. Songkhla - Thailand. Prince of Songkhla University - Arts and Cultural Centre
2015. Warsaw. DAP Gallery. „Imbroglio”
2015. Beijing. Millennium Monument. "Silk Journey to Art"
2016. Tokyo. XVth International Art Exchange Exhibition. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
2016. Bangkok. Poh-Chang Academy of Arts. 11th International Art Festival
Warsaw. Painting of the season: IVth Prize, Vth Prize (2007), Ist Prize, IInd Prize, Ist Prize (2008)
Warsaw. Painting of the year: honourable mention (2007), IInd Prize (2008)