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Sylvana Aymard

Nana A is a painter showing a clear preference for a more symbolical figuration.

Nana A is full of an exalted energy. She has succeeded in getting herself noticed by her hectic passion for painting.
As a self- taught woman, Nana A has been painting for about ten  years. She finds her self-fulfillment in painting.

She makes the most of every moment that goes by so as to provide aspirations just in expressing her own feelings and emotions. The keyword which control her today's life are introspection, outburst and sharing.

Indeed, nothing can slow down her progression. Painting is most important part of her life, allowing her to travel, to dream in order to discover her talent through meetings with artists, emphasizing a real evolution of her art.

Nana A uses various techniques depending on her inspirations and yet she likes working on linen canvas and has a real preference for acrylic paint and modelling paste.

Nana A has always been of a meticulous nature, that is why she is fond of a particular technique of painting, pointillism, feeling even more at ease in using large canvas.

The artist does not want to be related to a painting movement, but she take delight bin soaking in the atmosphere of painters suce as Caravage, Kadinsky, Yayoï Kusama whom she met no along ago.

She displayed her first paintings in 2010 at Ramada Hotel in New Caledonia, her native Island.

Backed by her success, she had the opportunity to contribute to various exhibitions including Le Salon du Comité Monégasque in Monaco and Le Salon de la SNBA at Carrousel du Louvre in 2014 and 2015 in Paris, and also in Vittel le Salon International de Vittel.

She exports her painting abroad. She was selected at the Sixt Beijing International Art Biennale,
and also in Brussels.

Thanks to this obvious success, the artist received the bronze medal of the Academy ARTS SCIENCES LETTERS in june 2015, and also The Prize of " La Rose de Monaco", the meeting between Monaco and Japan and finally the " Grand Prix de la Peinture des Îles de Lerins".

Today, the artist shares her life between New Caledonia and France