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Heidi Fosli

Heidi Fosli born in Sandefjord, Norway is a Norwegian multiaward-winning painter. Fosli makes a living as an artist. She has been called a ”Daughter of Ibsen and Munch” by Italian author and art critic Costanzo Costantini. She lives in both  Oslo, Norway and Arpino, Italy and works out of her studios in both countries. Fosli studied art at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She has exhibited in juried exhibitions worldwide from China and Hong Kong in the East to New York in the West, London Biennale, Chianciano Biennale, Museo d´Arte & Scienza in Milan,  the Vatican, the Quirinale and the Bramante in Rome. Fosli is represented in the permanent collection of the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in the USA. She has received a very good reception in the art world. She has received 22 awards during the past 2 years from 4 different countries, whereby  3 of them are high-recognition awards. She works with different galleries in Paris, Cannes, Vienna, Rome and New York, and some of them represent me all over the world. She has lectured about her work for art history students in Italy. Fosli works out of her studios in both Italy and Norway. Private collections and companies from all over the world have acquired her work.
Fosli works with oil paintings and lithographies. She is a colorist and an abstract expressionist. Central to Foslis art is depersonalized human representations and torsos. She stated that she is trying to convey the wonder of our existence with her art expression, and also highlight an imbalance seen in our society in a global perspective. She makes extensive use of symbolism inspired by Munch's symbolism.