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Said Aniff Hossanee

Born in Curepipe, his native town in Mauritius-in 1953, Said Hossanee revealed precious artistic interest by dedicating himself to art since he was a young boy. He spent much time drawing on the soil with a bamboo stick while his friends sitting on the tree branches made comments.  Afterwards he used charcoals to draw on local newspapers and on cement paper bags.

S.Hossanee was marked out at several art competitions for young painters. In 1969, he held his first solo exhibition at Max Boullé Art Gallery, Rose Hill. During the following years he moved to Paris to perceive painting in spatial terms and was influenced by the works of Francis Bacon and Pierre Soulages.

His curriculum reveals different passages and styles, which are connected by the search of emotional states and new expressive ways. Light, sign, color elements are a unique matrix of his artistic personality. Said has always demonstrated an affirmative attitude towards painting, engraving and photography. His works are the result of moments of great meditation, profound contemplation of his island. While dealing with the artist`s works there is an impulse to search out a connection between the place he was born, the culture he was absorbed and painting. Instinctive colorist, he uses pure tonalities in a daring manner, which anyway harmonious. Appreciable engraver, he made a series of prints that indicate his artistic ability and put him among Mauritian artists who have established an individual identity.