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Sasho Sazdovski

Since my childhood I had several points of interest as: creation, energy, space and time.

I always wanted to set the question of the infinity as unidentified problem of the humans, due to our limited existence in the time and space. This kind of huge dimensions have always been trigger point in my artistic experiments to give my own unique answer.

Also the constant change and transform of the energy was quite provoking to continue my journey through sculpture and paintings.

The basic family relations as a part of the global human phenomenon was intriguing for me to discover different aspects of moments happening inside the family as a concept of living.

The final works that I do are entitled as differences where I combine different materials - as natural materials - juxtaposing the man made artificial materials.

In my paintings I combine all of these aspects as starting points. For me the most creative process is drawing and painting where I can truly experiment with lot of creativity.