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Tomoko Nakai

Tomoko Nakai was born in Kyoto. Her parents are also artists, so she enjoyed
painting from her childhood.

She started  Japanese –style painting after she enter the Tokyo University of
the Arts. 

Her paintings are exhibited on many solo exhibitions from place to place in
Japan. She also draws illustrations for the books of fairy tale or the picture
books. Her husband is a professional Irish harpist.
2006 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A.
2005 Copied the national treasure; tale of Genji and sold it to the University
2008 Gold prize at 37th selection exhibitions of present paintings

2009 Copied the national tresure; the tale of Genji and sold to the museum
         of Goto
2010 Participate in Cologne- Japan Exhibition in Germany
          Exhibit at Rufus Lin Gallery in Canada
2011 Exhibit at Miami Art Fair in USA
        Give a lecture at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (2011, 2014,
2005 “Solo Exhibition”        Shibayama-garo at Ginza
2006  “Sister’s Exhibition”  Kisyodo in Kyoto
           “Solo Exhibition”     Shibayama-garo at Ginza, 
                                          Gallery Hiko at Nishiogikubo
2007 ”Solo Exhibition”       Gallery 80 at Nshiogikubo, Gallery Hiko
                                          at Nishiogikubo,
                                          Olive-eye at Ginza
2008 “Solo Exhibition”       Ginza Surugadai-garo,  Hankyu Umeda
                                          Department Store
2009 “Solo Exhibition”        IchimainoHinoki Gallery at Ginza,  Tokyo Daimaru
                                           department Store,  Yokohama Art Picnic TOCO
2010 “Solo Exhibition”       Hills Gallery 80 at Omotesando, Sapporo Mitukoshi
                                          Department Store, Kyoto Daimaru Department
                                          store, Kyoto Gallery Hill Gate, NroomArtSpace
                                          at Ooizumigakuen, RAKURA at Nakameguro,
                                          BAZARA-Club at Kobe
2011 “Solo Exhibition”        Hills Gallery 80 at Omotesando, Chiisaiouchi
                                          Gallery in Kyoto, Gallery Hiko at
2012 “Solo Exhibition”        Hills gallery 80 at Omotesando, Nagoya
                                           Matuzakaya Department Store, Chiisaiouchi
                                           gallery in Kyoto  etc.
2013  “Solo Exhibition”       Hills gallery 80 at Omotesando, Machida Odakyu
                                           Department Store etc.
2014 “Solo Exhibition”        Machida Odakyu Department Store
2015 “ Solo Exhibition”       Machida Odakyu department Store,  Germany,
                                           Hakata Daimaru Department Store