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Wahbi Rasool

Date of Birth: 1963 Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Certificate of Academic of Fine Arts in Baghdad
(Plastic Art Dept. Painting Brunch) 1986
2008 Master Degree of
(The Abstract Expressionism in Contemporary
Plastic painting in Iraqi Kurdistan) in
(Art College/ Sulaimaniyah University)
Teacher in Sulaimaniyah Fine Arts Institute.
Lecturer in Sulaimaniyah Art College.
(2005-2010) Editor in Chief of (Shakar) magazine published by
Kurdistan Artist Organization.
Board member of Contemporary Museum (Crossing) in Sulaimaniyah.
Member of Art Role project in Kurdistan.
1982-2011 Eight Solo Exhibitions in Both national and International
2007 Art show and conducting Seminars on (History of Kurdish
Painting) with coordination with (Art Role) of UK in different
places of:
- Slade school of Fine Art – London University. London.
- Royal College of Art. London University. London.
- SOAS University (KSSO) London.
- Live Art Development Agency. London.
- Yorkshire Sculpture Park@. Yorkshire.
- The Ferns Art Gallery. Hull.
- Serpentine Gallery. London.
- 1976 – 2008 obtained 11 Prizes and Certificates
in Art working, Writing and Criticism.
· On (2004) became a member of the Responsible Council for
  implementing the project of Artistic Modern Museum (Crossing) in
  SULAIMANIYAH. He is trying to execute this important project till
· He was one of the five artists in Kurdistan whom they have been invited
  formally to participate in the competition of (Iraqi New Flag).
· On (2011) according to the private invitation by professor (Michael Fehr)
  he was invited to the College of Art in Berlin University, for the purpose
  of establishment of higher education (Master Degree) in the field of (Art
  in Context) in Kurdistan.
· Honorary Member of Group (SULYON) for working in the field of
  Postmodern Arts.
· Member of evaluation & granting board for (AVESTA Kunstpreis)
  plastic arts prize, which will be granted to a Kurdish plastic artist once
  every three year, inside Kurdistan or outside Kurdistan.
· On Dec 2012 he is Editing Secretary in the Plastic Arts Department for
  (TAWI HUNARY) Magazine.
- He Has the following Publications:
1. Painting in 20th Century, Schmidt Dichner, Translation, Sardam Publishing
    House, 2002.
2. European Art in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Sardam Publishing House,
3. COLORS WORDS, Art Studies, Sardam Publishing House, 2004.
4. PAINTING ART, his History in Kurdistan and Global, Technical,
    Technology, Published by Ministry of Education. 2006.
5. OPTICAL MEANING, Reading in Painting Systems, Criticism Essays,
     Sulaimanyah, Sardam Publishing House, 2008.
6. Abstract Expressionism in Contemporary Plastic painting in south
    Kurdistan,Sulaimania : Translation House,Writing and translation
    to kurdish, 2010.
7. Abstract Expressionism in Contemporary Plastic painting in south
    Kurdistan,Sulaimania : Sardam Publishing House, (in Arabic), 2010.
8. Controversial Identities, Practices in the Criticism of Plastic,Sulaimany
    Directorate of Printing and publishing, 2013.
9. MEMORY OF THE CLAY, Professor Dr. Zuhair Sahib, Translation,
    Baghdad: Adnan House of Publication, (2014).