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Pascale Lafargue

Pascale Lafargue, was born in the Archipelago of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon off the coast of Canada. When she was 15 years old, she moved to La Réunion with her family, where she found a fertile ground for her artistic asperations. She studied in the Applied Arts department of the Lycée Ambroise Vollard, Terre Sainte, and being drawn to general illustration, finally graduated with a BTS in Visual Communication (picture option).

She had her first exhibition in 1999 in St-Pierre & Miquelon and Réunion and later exhibited in Metropolitan France. At first, she did a series of drawings and illustrations using watercolours and coloured inks. Between 2007 and2010, she started working on craftpaper with acrylics as well.She returned to drawing with pen and ink in late 2010, and the following year started producing paintings with a bronze hue in ever larger formats culminating in 2012 with a series of large format representations of the songs of Edith Piaf . For her exhibition at theMascarin National Botanical Conservatory Saint-Leu, the artist exhibited for the first time some of her photographic work.

In 2014, she created the association "Atelier des Glycines" which offers courses for children and adults. The association offers space for exhibitions of professional and amateur artists.

Pascale did a series of paintings on the theme of the Forest for the Month of Contemporary Art 2014, returning to a more colorful palette of inks and watercolors. This year, she has been working on a series of paintings around the theme of music. For the current Month of Contemporary Art, she is exploring the theme of still life and vanities with the collective exhibition "Illusions terrestres". She is preparing in parallel for an exhibition "Déchets d'oeuvres" and for the 2016 Biennale Langkawi.

Also a singer, the artist has perfected an extensive repertoire of French songs. Her specialty is interpreting the songs of Edith Piaf. However she does not hesitate to perform more current songs of artistes such Indila.

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