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El Hadi Bensahih

The artist was born in Constantine, Algeria in 1970. Having given up a lucrative professional career, he decided to devote himself to a course of initiation in the art of calligraphy, from 1999 to 2002, in so doing, returning to his cultural roots.

He had his first exhibition in 2003, with a cultural association CAMAPA in Marseille where he was residing at the time. This association aims to promote art, culture, communication and permit the development of personal potential amongst the local community through arts such as percussion, stilt-walking, sewing and street theatre. This association enabled him to create a series of workshops for the children of the streets, in the heart of the city, offering them the opportunity to learn calligraphy. There followed several other interventions with art and cultural projects in kindergartens and classrooms.

In 2005, he had an exhibition at Graphigro (Marseille), accompanied by a demonstration workshop. The following year, he trained in the art of Arabic and Latin calligraphy with Master Hassan Massoudy.

He created a performance in 2007 on the occasion of “Eid in the City” at Dock Des Suds in Marseille. This event, which celebrates Marseille's ethnic diversity, allowed him to carry out a study of movement, combining calligraphic projection with choreographic gestures.

From 2008 to 2010, he had successive exhibitions and interventions, including the "Andiamo Gallery" where he gave a performance with rear projection and realization of illustrations for the play "Tales from Joha" (Mare Nostrum project).He worked wth kindergartens in Estaque (16th arrodissement Marseille) and Belsunce (Marseille city center) and offered workshops not only for children but also parents.

In 2010, he moved to the island ofRéunion and quickly entered into the local cultural life by participating in the "Biennial de l'Art d'Eperon". There followed several artisanal fairs, workshops (parent / child) with the "Fée Mazine" association, an educational project in the Médiathèques Dionisiennes with "Bons plans Vacances" (Région Réunion), "Paintings in the open air " a bi-monthly exhibition in the gardens by the beach of St. Pierre (“where art meets the public”) ...

In 2015, the artist has been giving courses and workshops with the association "Atelier des Glycines" in Le Tampon, and participated in the exhibition "Trait d'union" along with fellow artist Donald Eaton ...
El Hadi BENSAHIH is in constant creative research. He varies his supports and techniques to bring new dimensions to his works. His work is precise, balanced and meaningful. It combines material and natural fibers with attention to and a passion for our environment...