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Amy Hashim

Amy Hashim (born 1971 in Kota Bharu, Malaysia) is an artist creating painting in both digital and traditional techniques.
Started her artistic career in the United States with her fellow artists friends, Amy is now making a good progress on group and solo shows in Malaysia. As an oil painter, she loves to utilize generous and unsuppressed oil paints using a combination of techniques including finger and knife that allows her oil painting to appear impressionistic with thick texture almost a 3D effect by looking at certain angle.
She started sketching and drawing ever since she can remember. As a teenager she loved to write, draw and engage in scrap--?booking, some of which are still kept till today. As early as
6, 7 years old, her siblings promoted and sold her sketches to friends at school. She continued drawing in primary school and in while college doing her Degree in Business Admin and whenever she had a chance while being attached to a Multinational company.
Throughout these periods she learned arts and mastering painting skills by following and attending workshops conducted by International artists.
Her late father was an art teacher before becoming a banker, which was probably where the interests in arts naturally came from. Prior to becoming an artist, Amy Hashim was in ICT focusing on the education industry. She oversaw education projects, one of which was showcased at the World Congress ICT and gained recognition by the World Bank in 2009.
Now a mother of three, graduated from UKM, she has attracted much media attention and her works gained local and international recognition and was showcased at International conference and exhibitions as below.
2016 Evolusi Sejadi / Nature Evolution Solo Show Hosted by the oldest art associates, 
Angkatan Pelukis SeMalaysia, APS Gallery, Malaysia
2015 KL Converge, KL Convention Centre, KKMK, Malaysia
2016 Langkawi Art Biennale 16 – 23 November 2016, Langkawi
2016 Group Show by MDAC in Palo Alto Art Centre, California, USA
2016 Group Show with Local and International artists, My Funny Valentine, The Refinery Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
2016 Langkawi Art Biennale – Exploration, Langkawi, Malaysia
2014 Digifun Art Festival, Metropolitan Library, Seoul, Korea
2014 Mobile Digital Art Summit and Exhibition, Palo Alto, California, USA
2013 CAVE Explore Imagination, Autodesk Conference, Las Vegas, USA
2016 Harian Metro, NSTP, Classical Touch of Amy Hashim Mahir hasilkan lukisan 3D bertema alam semula jadi.
2016 Astro Awani – Karya Amy Hashim lahirkan semangat nationalisme
2016 Astro Wira Awani, Amy Hashim buka dimensi baru kepada pelukis Malaysia
2016 The Star, Art Page, Crazy Little Things called Love
2015 NSTP, Life & Time 2015
2015 Astro Awani News, Ekspresi Pelukis
2015 Agenda Awani, Temuramah 30 Minutes interview
2015 Astro, A tribute to the remembering MH370
2015 Nona TV3, Wanita Seni
2015 Nasi Lemak Kopi O bersama Fizo Omar dan Hani, TV9
2015 Mobile Arts show and talk, University Malaysia Kelantan (Appointed as Mobile art advisor by the Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage, UMK)
2014 Palo Alto Online 2014 Mobile arts going mainstream – Local News
2015 Interview with Autodesk San Francisco, USA. Published online
2014 Digifun Book Publication, Seoul, Korea
Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) (KWAP)
Individual and corporate sector, local & abroad.