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Charlotte Donvang

I was born into a family of artists in Denmark and I’m currently residing in Kuala Lumpur.
I am an intuitive, contemporary artist and I work with lots of colour and energy… both in paintings and installations.
My works express the energies and emotions of life and I like to give profound messages that can help the viewer discover more about him or herself. My artworks are always a composition consisting of the visual, the title and a message in words… all this, and sometimes sound, is the complete artwork.
To me everything is energy: the painting, the colours, the symbols which I embed hidden or visually, the words. I believe we are energy too as is every thought, emotion and the words we speak! Maybe that’s why I think of what I do as energy work or healing… of myself and others.
I have trained as a Reiki Master as well as in a number of other different healing modalities. To me it has been natural to combine art and healing and I know from myself that art can be a great healer for the soul. I believe that we all have a gift, which we in this life are to bring to the world. Through my art I like to raise points, which can help the viewer to think about their own lives. I hope to help the viewer to discover sides of themselves that they may not yet have thought of… and that this may at some point help them get personal balance and peace within and ultimately lead an authentic and true life in joy, peace and understanding.
I have had several solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Denmark and Malaysia.