Big Pond

Hasemah Abu Hazim

Shimah graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Art and
Design, majoring in Pottery and Ceramic from the MARA
Institute of Technology, Shah Alam in 1982. Shimah ventured
into a variety of media of artistic expression and experimented
with numerous techniques in mix-media on different surfaces.

From 1993, Shimah managed to broaden her artistic horizons
when she was invited to participate in the promotion of art and
culture activities organized by Ministry of Culture, Arts and 

Lately, her artwork is mainly focused on Traditional Malay 
Houses in landscape series.

Group Exhibition :
2012          International Women's Day Art Exhibition "FEMME FLORA"
                  @ Galeri Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia

Artist Statement :
To create a sustainable lifestyle, we need to stay put more
of the time and derive more of our social, physical and
spiritual sustenance from our own backyards.