Big Pond

Abd Rani Abd Majid

It was during his return from a trip to Bali that Abdul Rani struck upon the idea to present sketches on canvas as finished art.

Typically, artists will paint over their sketches and viewers will not get to see the 'secrets' behind the artwork, which is what Abdul Rani intends to reveal to the world. In his Fantasy series, Abdul Rani portrays love in his ink and acrylic depictions of animals; prancing horses, flitting birds and surging fish dance in spontaneous rivers of colour. A lover of animals, he chooses to symbolise them as a gift of God to humans out of His love. Rhythm and movement are abundant in his paintings, reflecting the artist's passion for music that prompted him to play the flute in his early days. Abdul Rani wants viewers to look closely at his artwork and so, he avoids painting too figuratively. Indeed, it is only upon close inspection that one notices the wealth of textures and patterns actually form the shape of an animal.

Popularly exhibited in Mauritius and France, Abdul Rani's paintings have a strong cultural element that seems to come alive through his vibrant brush strokes and patterns. Although his artwork is constantly evolving, he retains a zeal for painting nature.

Having painted his way through poverty and namelessness to become the iconic artist that he is today, Abdul Rani feels that art comes gradually and must be honed. He finds inspiration in his daily life and admires the Post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. Through his artworks, Abdul Rani hopes that others may see his artistic vision,