ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

June Yap

Year               Solo Exhibition
2014             -    Photography Art in June Art Space? PetalingJaya(Charity)
2010             -    Oil Painting in June Art Space?Petaling Jaya
2009             -     Floral Arrangement  in SGM, Kuala Lumpur (Charity)
2007             -    Travel Photo in Pin Hua High School, Klang (Charity)
Joint Exhibition
2008            Travel Photo in Dong Zen Temple with daughter
2002-2014  International Painting (total of 54 times)
1998-2014  Local Painting (total of 72 times)
                      2007-2014  Local photo Exh.( total of 8 times)
2013             One of the Malaysian Artist selected in “Malaysian Chinese Art History  
                      Research” of “China Social Science Press” publication in China.
2013             One of the selected cover painting of the no.18 publication in
                      "National Art Gallery Malaysia".
2011             3rd prize in “Kasihnya Ibu” photography competition
                      organized by National Art Gallery, Malaysia
Wall Painting
2011      Petaling street in Kuala Lumpur
2012      April in Pin Hua High School in- Klang, Selangor.
2006           "The 3rd New Expression of  Asian Art"              
                     Exhibition in SGM-Malaysia     
2008            "The 4th New Expression of Asian Art"
                     Exhibition in Zhengzhou China
  2010          "The 3rd Malaysian and Thai Women Artist Art Exhibition" in June Art Space                       
  2011          "The 5th New Expression of Asian Art" Exhibition in Bangkok Tailand
                      Art Gallery National Museum
2011            "Peace & Harmony exhibition" 32 Malasian women Artist joint Exhibition in SGM,                                      
                     June Art Space and Island Gallery?
- “The Third Eye” Sixty Days in South America Travel Photography
- “The Art Of Floral Arrangement” Recyclable Materials
- “Colours Of Life” Travel Photography
- “A Glimpse Of Cambodia” Travel Photography
- “Beguiling Dai Ninh Lake – Vietnam” Travel Photography
4x4 Driving Expedition
2006,2010    - 2 months in South America and 1 month from Argentina across the  
                          Amazon river to Venezuela
2007              - 2 months from London to Malaysia
2007              - To and fro from Malaysia to Guizhou in China
2008,2011    - Twice in Africa for a period of 2 months each
2012              - one month in Georgia, Azerbalian, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,