ArtMalaysia Art Tourism Fair (AATF 2014)

Maxine Xie Xianxin

Maxine was born into a creative world. Her father, a carpenter by training, made beautiful pieces of furniture, and Maxine grew up playing in his workshop. From her early days, she was already creating pieces of art from bits of left over wood, paint, nails and whatever else she could lay her hands on. It helps that Dad is an avid collector of all sort of discarded material (which other people call junk) and is also a diehard recycling fan. Maxine remembers a glass-topped coffee table held up by bottles of coloured water and probably the earliest minimalist approach to decorating when Dad reduced all the furniture in the living room to three long rectangular boxes. The house was practically a blank canvas for Maxine to work on as she redecorated, painted, reorganized and created a different look and decorative theme every New Year, all with the family’s support and approval.  Growing up in such an atmosphere only strengthen Maxine’s resolve to be an artist and honed her taste and eye for artistic and creative work.

After art school and successful stints in the advertising world, Maxine gave up her established career and followed her heart to the Netherlands. There, she devoted herself to her art work. Although she has always dabbled in sculpturing and ceramics, her job did not give her time to pursue these interests. Now with time on her hands, she successfully expanded her repertoire to paintings, ceramics, sculptures and other creative objects of art. She has exhibited successfully with small groups and also worked with community groups to use art for therapy with the intellectually disabled. She continues to take on jobs of a commercial nature which ranged from conceptualizing and designing print projects to decorating premises for festivities. Her wide-ranging experience and her avid interest in anything that challenges her creative and curious mind keep her always on the cutting edge of new ideas. Indeed, finding flow in work is not an issue with her! It is this desire to give her work that special touch and her ability to create something special from the very mundane that led to the moniker Magic Maxine. 

Background : Self-taught artist / art graduate from
1978-1980 - Diploma in Art & Design, Kuala Lumpur College of Art
1999 -2005- Ceramic courses, Figure drawing and Sculpting courses, ROC Goes, Zeeland, The Netherlands
2006 - Sculpting and mould casting training under established Dutch sculptor
Life Member of National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia
Concept / style / media .- Contemporary /Mix

Past Exhibitions :
- 2014 January-February – Art of MXXX ceramics at The Refinery, SEED d7, Sentul East, KL
- 2013 Decemver-2013 February – Contemporary Art VI Group Exhibition 2013 at Seed d6, Sentul East, KL
- 2013 October – “5+1 The Art of Life – Abstracts & Sculptures at SEED d7, Sentul East, KL
- 2013 September – “1001 Malaysian Artists & Sculptors” Exhibition at VIVA HOME KL
- 2012 November - participated in “Members Only” group exhibition by the National Visual Arts Gallery, KL

-2005- Group exhibition at ROC Goes & ROC Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands

-2004- Solo exhibition at Het Goese Lyceum, Zeeland, The Netherlands

-2000 - “ Young Artist” self-portrait exhibition organised by Trechter Vijf, a collective group of artists ,
 Goes, The Netherlands